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VUs in 2008

With the economic indicators looking rather bleak (at least for the US), a stream of troubling news from Virtual Universes (eg., Cory leaving LindenLabs, the Sheep firing a quarter of their flock, ...) it looking a bit dreary for 2008. So, assuming the US goes into a recession (and we wont know until we're nearly out of it again), what does that mean for us?
First of all, I don't believe that the US and the rest of the world are that coupled anymore. In the minds of many, we still are and so things wont change necessarily that quickly, but at some point I think Europe and SE Asia will wake up and discover that they are perfectly able to lead on their own.
So, there is a pretty good chance that VUs will continue to grow in stature even in a US recession. Now, the problem is that some companies will be under pressure to cut back, so we'll see if that happens.
It could also happen that with more people with time on their hands, they may try a VU out and find out what it really is about.
Notwithstanding, VUs are still pretty far from primetime. They need to be more accessible in every meaning of that word. The learning curve must be flattened. The technology more scalable (whatever happened to Distributed Virtual Worlds like Outback Online?). The technology must seamlessly mesh with conventional Web 2.0 technology (and I for one don't buy the idea that VUs are Web 3.0). The technology must be accessible from any piece of technology I have on me, phone, laptop, hud in my glasses, whatever. Etcetera.
Perhaps I'll get around to make a few real predictions before the end of the year. I'll be attending the CCC 24C3 congress and that might be a source of inspiration.
CU in-world!

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